Stretch marks pregnancy prevention

stretch mark prevention in pregnancyFor mothers-to-be pregnancy is connected with favorable expectation. Still, it is often accompanied by some negative things, for instance, appearance of stretch marks.

Of course, striae do not influence on functioning of an organism, but still they have women distressed. It is difficult to say in advance if striae will appear on your body or not. The crucial factor is in your hereditary background, body weight gain. Interestingly, thin women are more often subject to striae during pregnancy.

Stretch mark prevention in pregnancy in 1st Trimester

The most important thing in the first semester is to take proper care of your skin. It is time when you start stretch marks pregnancy prevention. The skin of pregnant women is more sensitive due to certain hormonal changes. It can react not only on alterations inside our organism, but also on many common remedies: favourite creams, wash powder, which you used before, can cause adverse effects on your skin. That is why all new solutions should be tested at first. Apply some remedy on a forearm or on the skin behind ears and look if there is any reaction. It is recommended to use body scrub and cream or moisturizing milk with vitamins A and E every day.

It is also important to school yourself to more active lifestyle, sort out your physical exercises. Eat healthy food when you are pregnant. Consume products with dietary fiber. There should be all important elements in your diet. Do not drink effervescent beverages, as carbon dioxide reduces skin elasticity.

Stretch Marks Preventive Care at the 2nd Trimester

The third and the forth months of pregnancy are crucial for striae appearance. At the second semester it is extremely advisable to use special creams or gels for stretch marks prevention in pregnancy. They strengthen the skin, activate vital activity of cells, responsible for elastin and collagen producing.

Solutions for striae during pregnancy also boost regenerative functions of skin: they speed up cytokinesis, epidermis regeneration. It helps to get rid of fresh stretch marks. Almost all such solutions are very effective for stretch marks pregnancy prevention.

Stretch Mark Preventive at the 3rd Trimester

If you are not subject to swelling, drink enough liquid. Your skin needs water. It is better to drink cranberry fruit drink, green tea or mineral flat water. The maximum of drunk water must accrue to the first half of the day. At the end of pregnancy limit intake of salt. Consume products which contain much dietary fiber:

  • Fresh vegetables
  • Legumes
  • Coarse-grained bread
  • Fruits
  • Low-fat cultured milk foods
  • Cereal cooked with water
  • Fish
  • Vegetable oils
  • Potherb
  • Seafood

Try to eat less fat meat, chicken, cheese, smoke products. From the 38th week of pregnancy weight steadies.

In this period continue stretch mark prevention in pregnancy. Every day use moisturizers and massage creams. If striae have already appeared, it is important to start cure them immediately. No salon procedures are possible at the 3rd trimester, that’s why it is necessary to make a shift with cosmetic products for stretch marks.