Skinception Cream- best stretch mark treatment

skinseptionSkin is one of the most important features of a woman’s body. It is the one that is most often seen and the one that takes the most daily punishment. Ultraviolet rays from the sun, the constant barrage of pollution from the air, and the everyday chemicals women are exposed to wear on the natural beauty of the skin.

Pregnancy and weight loss are also two other common issues that affect the skin. The stretching and contraction of the skin can leave stretch marks that may be difficult, if not impossible to permanently remove. If left unattended the marks can give the appearance of scarring. The good news is that there is a product that effectively treats the stretching and wrinkling of skin over the trouble spots of a woman’s body after pregnancy. That stretch mark treatment is Skinception Intensive Cream.

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The ingredients in Skinception have been scientifically designed, medically tested, and thoroughly researched to work with your body to rejuvenate the skin everywhere where stretch marks can appear – the stomach, the breasts, the thighs, the butt.

Two of its main ingredients

  • Regestril™


  • Darutoside™

– are the hardest working ingredients that help in the natural production of collagen and elastin. Notice that these key ingredients are trademarked. That means you will only be able to find them in the Skinception stretch marks treatment formula. It also means that the Skinception formula is more than just a random mixture of commonly available substances combined as an all-purpose skin smoothing cream.

A word about these two natural substances, collagen and elastin. Think of collagen as the glue that holds the tissues in the skin together. Elastin is made of the same biological material as collagen – protein – but its function is to give your skin the ability to stretch. That is why it is named elastin (because it is elastic). The reason your skin stretches is because of elastin, and elastin also allows your skin to return to its original shape. The skin rejuvenation process requires replenishing both collagen and elastin to be completely effective.

Here are the specific active ingredients of Skinception treatment for stretch marks with a short, non-technical explanation of what each of them does.

Darutoside is a molecule that has been tested and shown to help with wound healing and tissue regeneration by positively interacting with collagen in your body.

Pro-Sveltyl may be hard to pronounce, but it is a biological protein that not only smooths the skin but also hydrates it and tightens the skin to remove any irregular appearance.

Pro-Coll-One+ is, as its name suggests, a protein that works to produce collagen. One research study analyzing the effectiveness of Pro-Coll-One+says that it “consolidates the dermal mattress.” Even if you are not a biochemist, that definitely sounds great.

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Safety During Pregnancy

Many Skinception users want to know if it is safe to use while a woman is pregnant. The Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy specifically formulated to repair stretch marks as a result of pregnancy, is ideal for those who want to get a jump start on smoothing out and repairing their stretch marks. As with any product, it is always a great idea to consult with your physician about using Skinception stretch mark removal treatment in general or about any specific concerns you may have while pregnant.

It is important to use Skinception exactly as directed once you get the approval from your doctor. While the product is created to help you rid yourself of stretch marks, our primary concern is your health and that of your baby.

Skinception – How To Use

Using Skinception is simple and easy. Apply an ample amount into the stretch mark and give it enough time to completely absorbed into the skin. The best results are when it is used daily.

That is it. Skinception – best treatment for stretch marks is proof that effective products do not need to be complicated to use.

It is strongly recommended that women apply a small amount on a remote test spot such as the arm to see if any negative side effect appears. This is strictly precautionary as every woman’s skin type is slightly different. After a day or two, if there is no adverse reaction then feel free to use it anywhere and everywhere there are stretch marks.

Skinception Guarantees

skinseption guaranteesSkinception treatments for stretch marks is so confident of the results every woman will get with their product that it comes with a no-hassle money back guarantee for up to 90 days after you receive your order. Try it. Use it, and if you do not absolutely love the results you get we will refund your money.


Many people want to know what they can realistically expect a product to do for them. While every person is different and the results may not be what is hoped for, Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Cream has shown to produce the following results.

  • After two months of using the product as directed, stretch marks fade by more than 72 percent
  • The active ingredient Darutocide reduced the length of stretch marks by more than half in less than 4 weeks
  • The depth of the indentation was reduced by slightly more than half when Darutocide was clinically tested
  • When it comes to Pro-Coll-One+ there was a noticeable increase in skin smoothness by almost 8 of every 10 users.

Those are the numbers, but Skinception among stretch mark treatments can do much more for you, including:

  • Fading the red and purple discoloration that accompanies stretch marks
  • Changing the appearance of the skin tone so it appears more even over your entire body

A majority of users report seeing visible results after only 4 weeks, but some women will take longer. One reason for this is the longer the stretch marks have been present, the longer it may take for Skinception to do its job. Keep in mind that this is not “magic” but a scientific way to treat your skin and work with your body to reproduce and repair damaged tissue.

You can expect a single jar to last between 30 and 60 days.

Finally, because a number of women return to buy Skinception products, we offer discounts to returning customers who purchase our 3 month, 6 month, and 9 month supply packages. That adds up to significant savings, especially if you are a brand new mom-to-be and want to get ahead of the game.

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