How to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

stretch marks during pregnancyThere are so many changes that occur when a woman becomes pregnant. The hormone levels increase and everything changes, including their bodies. Many women don’t like to talk about what is happening to them, all they care about is whether their baby is healthy. When do stretch marks appear in pregnancy? During somewhere around the 13th to the 21st week the changes become highly noticeable. Pink, red and sometimes even purple streaks begin to show up all around the body. Some women see them on the underside of the belly, while some first notice them around the breasts and thighs. Don’t be alarmed, though, nearly half of all pregnant women experience these unsightly streaks known as stretch marks.

What Causes Stretch Marks?

The underlying cause for stretch marks is due to tiny tearing in the under tissue just below the skin that is pulled during the growth of the child or extreme weight gain. Some women have only a slight pinkish tint, while others have the harsh purple streaks that riddle the body from the breasts, thighs, belly, butt and underarms. Unfortunately, you can’t control how bad the stretch marks will be since it all boils down to genetics. If your mother had them during her pregnancy, it only means that you will be more susceptible to getting them as well. And since genetics plays such a vital role, it also helps to have darker skin tone. Women with darker skin are less likely to get stretch marks after pregnancy .

It is also important for you to understand that your diet plays a significant role in preventing stretch marks during pregnancy as well. If you eat more and justify the calorie intake because “I’m eating for two now,” you will gain weight faster than what your body is equipped with handling and will cause stretch marks.

How to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy?

Although there is no way to prevent them, there are some tricks you can use to help reduce their appearance. Here is just a few ways you can help your body over come stretching and reduce the marking.

  • cream1) Moisturize your body to prevent post pregnancy stretch marks. Keeping your body healthy and your skin soft is one way to help stretch marks from zig-zagging across your body. Many pregnant women reach for Cocoa Butter that contributes to nourishing the skin and also helps with the itchy dryness your skin goes through as it is adjusting to your hormones. There are several different products on the market today that helps moisturize. Try to remember to check the labels for paraben free products that are natural, though. The last thing you need is chemical induced moisturizer that clogs your pores and irritates the skin.
  • watermelon2) Another option how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Eat foods like watermelon and grapes or vegetable that has fewer calories but high in fiber and water like lettuce, kale, and cabbage. These foods will nourish your body from within and give you and your baby the essential nutrients needed for healthy development. Foods laced with vitamin C also help to keep your skin toned which in turn helps with the appearance of stretch marks.
  • 3) Watch what you eat, just because you are eating for two now doesn’t mean that you can eat whenever and whatever you want. Eating too much too fast will speed up the process and cause you to get more dominant markings across your body. As long as you keep your weight in check during those vital months, you can prevent pregnancy stretch marks. While it is entirely natural to have certain cravings during this time, if those tastes drift to sweet stuff have a nibble or two, just don’t devour the entire carton of ice cream. Eating right is about balance, and if you drift over to sweets, it could increase your chances of diabetes not to mention harder to lose the baby weight after delivery.
  • water4) Drink plenty of water. Many pregnant women crave the sweets which also includes sodas and other sugary drinks. Soda however only taxes on extra calories and causes weight gain. Plus, soda also dehydrates the body. Instead, reach for water or add flavors to your water that won’t add the extra sugar to your diet. Sugary drinks also include Hi-C and fruit punch. While these drinks are perfectly fine for an occasional splurge, it is best to stick with good ole fashion water to keep you and your baby as hydrated as possible. There is a reason why our bodies are made up of so much water, and when you are pregnant, your fluids are taxed. Water is the only natural liquid that improves skin tone and keeps you and your baby healthy.

Even if stretch marks make their way around your body, you can do nothing and wait for the birth. Your body will continue to do its thing until your child is born. Once the baby has been delivered, the stretch marks will fade. If you are one of the few that do get stretch marks after delivery, you can still use cream to reduce their appearance.

What is the best stretch mark cream during pregnancy?

While studies have shown that 70 percent of women will get stretch marks, there are a few creams that can help elasticity of the skin and keep the appearance of stretch marks under control. Here are five best pregnancy stretch mark creams.

  • 1) Palmer’s Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks is popular among pregnant women because it is inexpensive. However, the butter soaks into the skin rapidly reducing itchy and dryness, many women find they have to apply more of it during the course of the day for relief.Do pregnancy stretch marks go away? Not in 100% cases. Some women opt to combine Palmer’s Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks with pure vitamin E cream. Even though your skin will love, you and the stretch marks won’t seem so apparent be cautious. Pure vitamin E without another cream can be harmful to your baby and cause heart problems so always check with your doctor if you are planning to use any creams with vitamin E.
  • 2) Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Balm may be a mouthful, but this butter helps soothe dryness and irritation. Burt’s is known for being a bit on the expensive side, but the results is not bad. Women who use this particular butter found that even though they got stretch marks, they weren’t as visible.
  • 3) BioOil is another way to avoid pregnancy stretch marks. BioOil is infused with vitamin A and E as well lavender, rosemary and chamomile. This oil is all natural for those who want nothing but natural ingredients. The plus side, unlike other butter and creams the combination of this oil helps pregnant women who are stressed. Lavender is a natural soothing agent for all skin conditions. The Rosemary offers a sense of calmness and helps those who are overly anxious about being pregnant.
  • 4) Dermology pregnancy stretch marks cream is expensive but is back on scientific results that prevent or reduce stretch marks. For many women who suffer from genetic makeup, Dermology helps to soothe the irritation, adds elasticity to the underlying layers of the skin that need it the most. However, if you chose to use this product, make sure that the cream sinks into the skin first before applying clothing. At the price for this cream, you want your skin to benefit, not your clothing.
  • 5) TriLastin’s Maternity stretch mark cream for pregnancy is the last on the list. This cream is enhanced with 15 botanical oils and extracts. The Maternity Stretch Mark Prevention Cream absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave any residues behind unlike other butter or oils. The smell is enticing and won’t hinder the morning sickness that so many women experience.

Our choice -best pregnancy stretch mark prevention – Dermology.

dermology cream
Remember that you are not alone when it comes to dealing with stretch marks. Many women have them and often flaunt them as signs of womanhood. Stretch marks shouldn’t be something that should be looked down upon, but celebrated. After all, you just created life. Wear your stretch marks with pride. There are some that are repulsed by the gray hues under their skin after giving birth, and that is okay too. Once the baby is born and you still can’t seem to get rid of the marks there are other treatments like self-tanning lotions that will hide the marks. Or for those who want to get back to their pre-baby bodies they can talk to their doctors about Retin-A or laser therapy.

No matter what happens, though, congratulations on your newest accomplishment and welcome to motherhood.