Lose stretch marks fast

Stretch marks (or striae) are unattractive changes of skin. They are a part of skin which misses collagen. Stretch marks present an esthetic problem.
There are certain parts of body which are often an ideal foundation for striae. Here is the list:

  • Belly
  • Haunchs
  • Upper legs
  • Breech
  • Chest
  • Arms

stretchmarksHowever, any area of skin can get “decoration” with striae if the skin stretches too much, for example, as a result of intensive workout.
For those women who are eager to lose stretch marks fast, there exist various methods.

Laser Technology

If you seek a modern manner of stretch marks riddance, here is one. The result of the procedure is obvious after the 1st session. Some time after the treatment the skin will be redden and very sensitive. It is a renewed derma. A small edema can arise also. The complete healing can take from few days to few weeks, as it is minimally invasive.
Laser operation requires up to ten procedures to get rid of striae. Old and numerous, they respond to treatment reluctantly. That’s why if you are inclined to lose stretch marks fast, do not delay with medical care. But if they are too extensive, laser method is not able to remove them in full and can only make them less visible.

Chemical Peeling

Chemical peeling is permissive way of striae removal. It will not release you from the skin defects fully, but it will make them less apparent. The procedure is simple: a special mixture is applied on damaged skin, massaged with a sponge and then removed with specks of dead skin.
The best peeling for striae is glycolic and solution with retinol. Peeling with fruit acids stimulates producing of new cells.
Such kind of peeling is often called “lunch time peeling”, because it can be done during lunch.
Patients should not cherish illusions: they can not lose stretch marks fast only with chemical peels. It is rather a cosmetic way of making striae less frank.


Surgical operation is the only method to remove stretch marks fully. It is the most radical method and high-performance at the same time.
Surgical method can not deal with striae on every part of a body. It deals only with abdomen area. During the operation the excess stretched skin is cut. It is called abdominoplasty. Before you choose this variant, consider that it is a real operation, with postsurgical period. Such type of removal allows to lose stretch marks fast and forever.

Home remedies/creams

If you don’t hasten to do away with stretch marks, you can choose mild ways of their removal. The practice shows that they are effective only as a preventive or if striae are inconspicuous.
Nevertheless, creams and natural remedies stay popular among women:
• They cost less in contrast to clinical procedures.
• They are generally available. The cosmetic products can be bought in every pharmacy.
• They have no counterindications.

There exist many other ways of fighting with striae: mezotherapy, thalassotherapy, ozone therapy, myo-stimulation and what not.
You should not make decision on your own, which method to choose. It is better to consult a cosmetologist, who can help you to lose stretch marks fast and smoothly.


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