Cocoa butter for stretch marks

There are a number of stretch marks creams, like Revitol, and lotions available on the market, all promising to remove stretch marks of all shapes and sizes. Users of these various products report different results. Most contain some type of chemical or compound that is claimed to be the “proprietary formula” that makes it unique among stretch creams.

cocoa butter

But what if you want to choose a simple, natural approach to removing stretch marks? Many women rave about the advantages of cocoa butter. Before we make our case for cocoa butter, it helps to give you some basic information about this natural product.

For starters, chocolate lovers will start smiling when they learn that cocoa butter is essentially liquid chocolate. Actually it is, but what you put on your skin is the oil that drips from the cocoa bean while what you eat is the dried bean that is left behind. The natural oil is yellow, and is a vegetable fat. Its most important characteristic is that it starts melting just below your body temperature, making it ideal to put on your skin.

So what makes cocoa butter a natural way to reduce or even eliminate stretch marks? First, it has natural antioxidants. Antioxidants are essential to repair damage to the epidermal layers of the skin. This, in combination with the oil, works to hydrate the epidermal layers and begin to fade the stretch marks. But the real cause of the stretch mark is in a deeper skin layer called the dermis. In order to completely fade the stretch marks and heal the damaged area you need to make sure you get to the dermis.

Women who have actually used cocoa butter stress 3 major points:

1) Know your skin type. If you have oily skin, adding more oil on it will not allow the cocoa butter to be absorbed as deeply as someone who has normal or drier skin.

2) Apply it immediately after you get out of the shower. Warm/hot showers are better for opening up your skin pores and absorbing the butter more deeply. Whatever the temperature of your shower water, apply it immediately after getting out.

3) Use it only once a day. What you are doing is adding oil to your body’s natural supply, and your body can only absorb so much oil. Applying it more than once a day will not speed up the healing process. Also, the amount you apply is generally a “learn as you go” process.

Rub the cocoa butter into your skin thoroughly using a circular motion. This means a fair amount of pressure should be applied. Think of it as a massage and you will get better results.

There is another connection between cocoa butter and stretch marks – you can use it to prevent stretch marks, which may be its best use of all. Most of us have had dry hands that require some type of moisturizer. Remember the cracks that usually occur because of the dryness? Stretch marks are formed because deep down, in the dermis layer we mentioned earlier, the skin becomes stretched and cracks. Cocoa butter as a moisturizer helps to keep all of your skin healthy and flexible.

Different women will get different results from using cocoa butter for a number of reasons:

  • The type of skin (oily, dry, normal)
  • The severity or depth of the stretch marks
  • The woman’s general health

But many women have tried it for several reasons:

  • It is all natural
  • It costs less than most other stretch mark treatment products on the market
  • You can use it for cooking, even if it doesn’t work as you hoped (this is true!)

You should consider it as one option available to you but remembering to keep your expectations in line with what has been discussed here.