Clean Belly without Stretch Marks on stomach

stretch marks on stomachStriae after lying-in are not the most weighty, but still essential trouble. They say that it is hardly possible to give the shake them. Is that true?
The mechanism of stomach stretch marks advent is the next: when skin gets outstretched within short time, the upper layers become thin. On loading there appear burstings, which are replaced by connective tissue.
At first, striae can be pink, vinous, brown. Then they become almost unseen.
Stretch marks on stomach appear in the following cases:

  • After childbearing
  • After quick weight gain
  • In case of endocrinologic disease
  • In prepubescent years

Striae impose on women in summer. They withstand sunburn, so belly becomes looking like a zebra.

Good Riddance from Striae

It is fortunate that there are numerous ways of stretch marks elimination.


Workouts prevent from striae advent, as they help to control skin tonicity. Sports help to keep weight on the same level. Of course, it will not remove old stretch marks, but it will forestall the appearance of new ones. You can start going in for sports in 2-3 months after lying-in.

Laser therapy

It is very effective against stretch marks on stomach. With the help of this method fresh striae get bleached, and a pigment is added to old stretch marks, which makes them barely perceptible. But you should not experiment with this procedure straight after childbearing. It is recommended to wait for some months. After laser therapy there can be crusts on skin; they fall off in a pair of weeks.

Proper undergarment

During pregnancy and first days after the lying-in it is necessary to wear a special bandage and a bra. In the period of breastfeeding, female breast increases in size significantly and it needs support. Otherwise, stretch marks on the breast can stay forever.


It is a salon procedure, when medical and nutritional substances are inserted under the skin with multiple injections. The formulation of treatment “cocktail” is chosen individually. The main ingredients are plant-extracted products, ferments, collagen, amino acids. The method shows good results: after 10 sessions skin looks much better.


Many women are sure: if there are stretch marks, stomach is to be smeared with a special cream. They are partly right. Creams against striae are effective, but only if used regularly. Efficient solution against stretch marks contains 4 irreplaceable components:

  • Collagen
  • Vitamin E
  • Elastin (connective-tissue protein)
  • Retinoids

Vacuum massage

The massage is made with a special equipment which as if “inhausts” skin. As a result, the condition of skin, muscles, vessels, connection tissue improves. Due to pressure bumps, blood circulation betters, vessels strengthens, skin regeneration speeds up.

There are also many home remedies against stomach stretch marks. They can be effective as well. But if you want to see the result, be patient and ready to wait. If you are all on edge, try laser or mesotherapy. You will be much sooner pleased with the results.

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