stretch marksStretch marks are a dispiriting thing which can upset any woman, as each of us wants to look appealing and have beautiful, smooth, firm skin. Although striae are not painful, they make us feel uncomfortable from an aesthetic standpoint. Women try to get rid of them with the help of a stretch mark removal cream or other effective remedies. In modern cosmetology there are many ways to bring you beautiful skin back, and now we talk about the most widespread methods for stretch mark removal.

Home Remedies

Some women treat cosmetic products with caution and prefer home remedies for striae reducing. Usually they use essential oils:

  • flaxseed oil
  • almond oil
  • wheat germ oil
  • olive oil

All of them are rich with vitamin E, which plays great role in skin regeneration. They help to make away with stretch marks on breast, belly, buttocks, brachia and calves. For oily skin one can use almond oil, and mix it with wheat germ one for dry skin. It is possible to get a real SPA effect if to add some aroma oil. Lemon, orange, rosewood oil can not only help get rid of stretch marks, but also can lift the spirits. Just add several drops of aroma oil into seed oil and work it in the skin areas with striae.
The advantage of home remedies is that they can be used even during pregnancy.

Massage and Body Wrapping

What to do if stretch marks are too visible? You can remove them with body wrap and massage. An intense massage helps to increase metabolism and blood circulation in the affected areas. The best effect from it can be seen on belly zone. Anticellulite massage is also a good aid at struggle with the skin defect. It can be made on any area of a body, except lacteal glands. After the procedure it is necessary to apply oils and wrap with cellophane. Roll yourself in something warm and lie for some time.
You can make body wraps with different cosmetic solutions containing collagen, cacao butter, lanolin, elastin and other restorative components, which help to reduce stretch marks.

Procedures in Wellness Centers

In a wellness center they can offer a whole range of methods which provide an opportunity to remove stretch marks fast:

  • microdembrasion
  • mesotherapy
  • laser removal
  • chemical peeling
  • E.L.O.S. rejuvenation

In severe cases it is reasonable to fall back on removal surgery – abdominoplasty. It is a type of plastic surgery which helps to exect skin pleonasm, fat deposit and stretch marks. Although plastic surgery is the most effective method for old stretch mark removal, it has certain contraindications and can cause postsurgical complications. So, it is better to think twice before you decide on abdominoplasty.

How Stretch Marks Removal Cream Works?

stretch mark cream

Creams for stretch marks can be of two types:

  • those which forestall stretch marks;
  • those which mask them.

Of course, it is easier to see about striae appearance in advance than to get rid of them. So if you are in a risk group (pregnancy, weight gaining), it is a time to give thought to a purchase of an anti stretch mark cream.
Good solution for stretch marks should have acids, able to regenerate tissue and skin structure, and collagen in its formulation. Due to these ingredients, it is much easier for skin to adapt for changes in weight.
In order to provide nutriment and moisturizing for skin a cream must contain essential and vegetable oils, extracts of plants, sea kelps and microorganisms, panthenol, vitamins A and E and regenerating agents. The main task of the cream is to keep skin firm and elastic when it is being stretched. The basic effect of a cream reducing striae is nourishment and skin regeneration promotion. Many solutions combine these two functions: they increase skin elasticity and support skin turn over.
There exist such solutions which can be used even during breastfeeding. They do not contain components which can hurt a baby through the maternal milk. If you take forehanded care of your skin, you will have no reason to worry about stretch marks.
The effect form cream depends not only on its formula, but on regular using as well. It is too complicated to achieve desired results if you do not apply the cream regularly. In order to be firm and elastic your skin needs to get certain nutrients.
Those who have not succeeded in striae prevention should try to reduce them. Many women have to abandon briefs, swimsuits, because they did not begin to take care of their skin in time. That is why it is preferable to prevent stretch marks, then to dispose of them.

TOP-5 stretch mark removal creams which have positive reviews of their consumers


revitol creamRevitol is a natural stretch mark cream. It works in two directions: it prevents from stretch marks, increasing skin elasticity, and reduces appeared striae. Revitol contains vitamin A and E, DL-Panthenol, Squalene oil, Aloe Vera extract, Grapefruit seed extract. This fairy mix of ingredients helps to keep your skin toned and looking healthy.

  • it is safe for the pregnant;
  • the results are fast. Stretch marks get less visible during the 1st weeks of Revitol application;
  • it improves the structure of skin;
  • Revitol provokes producing of collagen. It is a vitally necessary protein which is responsible for skin cells turn over;
  • the solution helps to cope even with old and dark stretch marks.

– it is not sold in the stores or pharmacies, you can buy Revitol online only.
If you make an order on the official site, you can get 2 tubes of Revitol for free! Just order a package, containing 4 tubes of the cream and 2 of them will be free of charge for you.



dermology creamDermology Stretch Mark Prevention is used as a preventive measure or as an eliminator of striae. The cream for stretch marks nourishes affected areas of skin, making them supple and firm. It makes the tissues of skin more flexible and prevents from appearing of new stretch marks. Dermology contains a range of vitamins (A, E, D3), Aloe Vera, Grapefruit seed extracts. These components do not allow tearing of skin which is the cause of striae. The best results can be achieved if the cream is accompanied by special diet healthy lifestyle.

  • the cream is effective both for existing stretch marks and for their prevention;
  • it contains natural ingredients, such as plant extracts;
  • Dermology moisturizes and nourishes skin of the body;
  • if the solution appears helpless for you within 3 months, the manufacturer will give you your money back.

-Dermology is sold only on the web, you will not find it in pharmacies and local shops. It means that buying the cream, you have to pay extra money for shipping.



skinception creamSkinception is considered by many consumers to be the best anti stretch mark cream. Due to implemented modern technologies, Skinception is able to make skin smooth and silky (in case of regular application). The cream combines several active components in its formula: Darutoside, Regestril, Pro-Sveltyl, Pro-Col One. These ingredients guarantee striae removal, rash protection, skin dryness deliverance and protection from other defects.


  • Skinception is equally effective in prevention of striae and their reduction;
  • the cream can eliminate stretch marks up to 72%;
  • the company returns all your money to you if you find the solution to be useless.


  • results become obvious after 4 weeks of regular usage. Similar products promise faster effect;
  • Skinception is not available on the open market. It can offered only on the Internet.

There is a special offer on the official site. If you buy 3 jars of Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy you will save $55 and achieve a free jar of Kollagen Intensiv. If you buy 6 jars of Skinception you will save $130 and achieve Kollagen Intensiv + free shipping. And at last if you buy 9 jars of Skinception you will save $300 and achieve Kollagen Intensiv + free shipping.



trilastin creamThe solution contains 100% natural polypeptides and ingredients, which make skin far more elastic.The key components are: Collagen, Elastin and Soy Protein.They imbue skin with amino acids and make it more pliant to stretching. The manufacturer released new TriLASTIN-SR with triple concentration of active ingredients. It means the solution became three times more effective.


  • the cream prevents striae from appearing;
  • it can reduce stretch marks in 3 weeks after the first application;
  • the solution can used during pregnancy;
  • it is safe and has no side effects;
  • TriLASTIN makes skin tone even.


  • you can purchase TriLASTIN only on the Internet;
  • you need to apply the solution on skin often: 3 times a day.

The manufacturer offers a limited-time sales promotion on the official site. When you buy TriLASTIN-SR you get Hydro-Thermal Accelerator for free.


Marksil creamMarksil is a clinically tested solution which fights with stretch marks successfully. It diminishes 35% of striae after 2 months of application. The depth of stretch marks is down by 72%. The color of striae becomes 22% less prominent. The formula of Marksil is called Derma-Combo 18. It consists of Aloe Vera Gel, Butylene Glycol, Rutin, Green Bean Extract, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and other active ingredients.


  • Marksil is formulated for old and new striae;
  • it improves the general condition of skin, making it clear, toned and smooth;
  • it can be used on all skin types;
  • its safeness is proven by an independent laboratory.


  • Marksil cannot be applied during pregnancy or breastfeeding;
  • the visible result appears only after 8 weeks of usage.

The company takes care of the clients and sets up a special offer. When you buy 2 bottles of Marksil, the 3rd one you get for free.


All creams are effective, but some of them need time and much money to get astonishing results. So, our choice is Revitol. Price and perfect results are the best among other popular products.

Stretch marks can be avoided, like any other problem with health or appearance. You need to do necessary things for this: eat healthy food, shut out rapid weight gain, go in for sports, visit a massage room, swim and have a good rest.
If the stretch marks have come into sight on your skin, do not protract and choose the most suitable method for you: home remedies, creams, body wrapping, wellness procedures, abdominoplasty. The quicker you start the treatment, the faster you could dispose of stretch marks.

Best safe substances

Among legal steroids, there is one that is usually safe and often used. It is creatine. This substance can be found in various products, such as fish or meat. Moreover, it is widely sold, and one can buy it absolutely legal. The researchers claim that there is no danger for the health of using it.

Another almost safe pill is MMP (Matrix metalloproteinase). It is a mixture of creatine and other extracts. Several years ago it was proved that this substance has no results in muscle-building. It is absolutely useless. But people who took it said that they became more active and highly concentrated.

Dangerous pills

One of the steroids that can be harmful is DMMA (Dimethylamylamine). This supplement is prohibited by the Food and Drug Administration. It is marked as illegal. And all the products that contain it are illegal too. Researchers give caution to people about using it. It can lead to serious complications such as breathing problems, heart attack or mental diseases.

How to become strong safely

There are numerous ways to become strong avoiding steroids. It is necessary to learn how your muscles work. Find a compromise between training different parts of the body. Constant exercises will be beneficial for your health. And you can stay safe and sound without steroids.

Another way of keeping fit and enlarge your muscles and semen volume is a diet. One can find products for muscle building instead of just bulking. Many of the products contain little unhealthy fats and carbohydrates. They are

  1. Fish (likesalmonandtuna);
  2. Eggs;
  3. Peanuts;
  4. Tofu;
  5. Differentfruitand

If you are tired of training and don’t see the result, find a well-educated trainer to correct your way of living. Find a professional personal trainer. Read the comments to be sure that your mentor is a real professional. You can even have pieces of training online with your device by connecting your coach.

One of the most popular ways now is to use a fitness app. It has detailed information about your progress. It lets you stay on track while training.